1. 便宜

It’s cheap and economical. It can help me save a lot of money to buy books or to travel with my friend Jane. Specifically, it only costs ___ Yuan to ____. However, if I want to____, it will cost me at least ___ Yuan. I hate squandering, so I think it is awesome.


It is convenient and I would be able to save tons of time. Specifically, it takes me only ___ minutes to ____. However, if I’d like to______, I will spend at least ___hours. I think spending the time saved on reading books on history or chemistry/doing exercises is considered to be the better way for me to relax/learn more knowledge.


I can make more friends in different background/from different cities/countries such as Japan, Canada and America/with the same interest. We could have pleasant conversation not only about the academic information such as history, biology and economics, but also about the international events. And I can also learn some useful interpersonal skills or personality such as honesty and persistence


The amazing part is its picturesque view and enjoyable surroundings. Having a walk beside the lake and rockery, I can smell the fragrance of grass and the flowers and hear the cries of the birds and feel the bracing breeze on my face.


I can totally relax in such a……environment. I’m fascinated to the harmonious atmosphere which could make me refreshed and energetic. I can release my emotion, pressure and uneasiness through it, and have a temporary escape from the academic workload such as assignment and examination.


It’s good for my health. I can improve my speed, strength and flexibility. And I can also effectively lose weight and keep in good shape. Before……I often got sick, depression and hot temper, but now, everything is getting much better.


I can have an easier access to a huge amount of knowledge and information ranging from history to biology. For instance, it’ll be easy for me to polish my speaking and listening skills if ……/in such a……environment/ by……. This can render me a good opportunity to practice my English, and eventually put me in a favorable position in the upcoming competition.


(Compared to others)I can abroad my horizon during the whole process. For instance, if……I can have a better understanding of the meaning of life/career/education…..and the importance of dream and future. So, I will pay more attention to my family/friends/work/academic performance and also make great contribution to our society in the future.


According to the New York Times in 2008, the people who _____are more likely to achieve success/lead a happy campus life/have a wonderful family in their later time. I certainly wanna be a ____ person/I think ….is a kind of …, so I’d like to ______.


It is because of the peer pressure. You know, everyone in my class chooses to ______. I don’t wanna be isolated from them. Therefore I choose to do the same thing and involve with them.


During the process of communication/discussion about……, and I can learn some useful interpersonal skills or personality such as honesty and persistence from others. This can help me cooperate with others more effectively, and offer me more opportunities to make new acquaintance. With more partners, I am more likely to succeed in the future


It is more eco-friendly, coz it’ll create little harmful carbon dioxide to the air. With the help of this, we can better protect our planet and prevent our environment from pollution such as global warming, acid rain and ozone layer. No one can deny that it is significant nowadays when we’re facing ecological crisis.


It can definitely help me improve the understanding of the culture, custom, history and many interesting stuff about a different country/city. The deeper insight into culture can not only broaden my horizon but also help me comprehend the living style and thinking mode of the local people.


More importantly, I can go home more frequently and visit my parents and grandparents. My mom will prepare me the food I like the most; my father will talk to me and help me figure out a way to solve the problem I encounter at school. My feeling can be best described by an old saying, “East, West, home is the best”


It will contribute to the increase of employment rate. I mean, it can provide the local people with a large amount of jobs. As a result, it would in turn bring benefits to the social stability and economic development.


The most important point is that it’s much safer. If I……The possibility of being stole or robbed is relatively small. With a safe environment, I can better concentrate on my study without worrying about possible jeopardy.


It can help me protect my privacy. Coz being attended sometimes makes me feel uncomfortable. I don’t like others to know what books I am reading or what songs I am listening. Sometimes I just need some private time and deal with my personal stuff like calling my friends and writing the letter to my mom


It is embarrassing to say that some people have terrible manners. For example, someone in my class always spits and litters in public, which make me feel really awful. You know, I’m pissed off by those behaviors and can not stand them at all. So I have no choice but to_____.

19. 便於攜帶

It is not heavy and big like the others; it’s portable so I can take it anywhere. For instance, I can……on the bus, in the library or in the dining hall. You see, the convenience is undeniable.


I can have some tasty food. It serves the amazing dumpling of all kinds of flavors, pork flavor, chicken flavor and so on. One thing I like the most is the caraway there, it really help enrich the taste of dumplings. Anyway, it never fails to make my mouth water.


The humorous style could also develop my sense of humor. This will make others more willing to listen to my stories and bring fun to my life and the lives of others. Consequently, it can improve my interpersonal skills and make me more popular.


There are a great many beautiful and delicate pictures to illustrate the words and make it more understandable. With those wonderful pictures, learning can be real fun and easy!


You’ve got to have faith and courage; the only thing we have to fear is fear itself. In this rapid developing society, if we’re easily freaked out by various challenges, then there’s no way we can succeed.


The scene is extremely funny and makes me laugh. Laugh can definitely drive away my lassitude and helps me relax and relieve the pressure from work and study. What’s more? It even puts me in a better mood and wards off the depression and pessimism.


Since he is the role model for us, he needs to speak and behave appropriately, in order to set a good example for us. No one can deny that a good example can exert an profound influence on the people.


He is a man of his word and he never breaks his promise. I remember once I asked him to pick up my cousin when I couldn’t come back. He did so even though he had caught a bad cold. I said thanks and sorry but he said it’s ok because he promised me. It is the characteristic of keeping faith enabled him to win my complete trust.


He is very obliging. Whenever you are in trouble, he is always the first one who comes up and gives you the shirt off his back. Once my computer was attacked by Trojan horse, it is him who spent four hours to help me get rid of it.


He should be expressive to convey his ideas effectively and efficiently. He is supposed to speak loud and clear and be able to put difficult things in a way that is easy to understand. Only in this way can we fully comprehend his idea and better do our own job.


He is considerate and shows much care and concern about others. He is always trying to look at things from your angle and not to hurt you or upset you. For example, knowing that I am taking a nap or reading books, he would turn down the volume of the CD player.


He should tolerate relatively small mistakes committed by others. Making mistakes is somehow inevitable, as long as it’s unintentional, he is supposed to forgive it. The tolerance will breed gratitude from others.